Loan Types

FHA Loan
An FHA Loan is a loan that is secured by the government. It offers a secure low payment with an option to lower it without refinance if rates benefit you in the future.
•Government Secured
•Low Interest Rates
•Streamline Options

VA Loan
A Veterans loan is perfect for those who have served in the military. There are many benefits to buying or refinancing using a VA Loan.
•$0 Down Payment
•No Mortgage Insurance
•Simple to Qualify
•Low Interest Rates

Conventional Loan
A Conventional Loan allow those interested in qualifying for higher loan amounts with lower interest rates.
•Flexible Loan Options
•Less Strict Requirements
•Low Interest Rates

DU Refi Plus
A Refi Plus Loan allows homeowners to borrow up to 105% of their home’s value through a refinance. This allows people who may be upside down on their home to refinance and take advantage of the low rates available today.
•Borrow up to 150% of home’s value
•Simple Qualification
•Low Interest Rates

And many more!
Today, there are so many options that you just have to let an expert explain them to you.

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